The Pasta Haters is an international e-commerce startup with a multi-user platform for vintage retailers, consumers and admin. At TPH, I conducted end user testing to identify retailer behavior and needs. I used these observations to redesign the retailer dashboard.
Time Frame: 3 days      Team: Monica Guerrero      Tools: Pages, Screenflow, Notion, Sketch
A dashboard did not exist. A dashboard was necessary to provide the retailers with an overview of their shop's status and editing features.
Redesign: I redesigned the dashboard with cards linked to the features necessary to complete tasks/edits related to their shop. I hypothesized this could make locating the most important features easier. 
User Testing: Through task focussed testing, I discovered the retailers had difficulty locating features crucial to task completion. Additionally, open-ended questions informed me that the retailers had little to no experience using digital platforms or technology.
The next steps would have been to retest the design with the end user.
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