Film Nerd is an infographic magazine with its first issue on Mike Mill’s film BeginnersI watched the film several times to identify the most prominent information and develop the infographics, illustrations and titles in a playful way that captured the film's essence.
The biggest wheel on the left maps every character's screen time. From this, we see Oliver is the film's main character. The inner pie chart then shows the amount of screen time the other characters share with Oliver. 
The bottom pie chart demonstrates the methods of storytelling like illustration, narration, montage etc. Mike Mills used throughout Beginners.
A timeline presents the theme historical consciousness through important dates in gay and Jewish history juxtaposed to events in Oliver and his parents personal lives.
Focus Features shared an interview with Mike Mills who talked about specific locations in the film embodying Los Angeles as a character. The illustrations ranging from taco trucks to the Lovell House are paired with information about each location.
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